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Maru/edr is a full-service Customer Experience advisory firm – we help you gather customer and employee feedback in the moments that matter and then provide actionable insights so you can uncover your customers’ smiles. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all things customer experience, no matter where you are in your journey.

Our Unique Holistic Approach to Customer Experience

Maru/edr has built a successful customer experience consulting business around helping brands use our technology, advanced analytics, and customer experience advisory services to build and improve their end-to-end CX programs.

Delivering Real-Time Customer Experience Insights to Stakeholders

Our best-in-class CX technology solutions ensure we reach the right customers with the right questions, and in the right way. Stakeholders need to fully understand the customer experience, so they can make informed decisions. Maru/edr CX technology provides real-time insights and can help you devise a successful CX strategy for your brand.

How Maru/edr can Help Your Brand

Using our unique research expertise, Maru/edr can help you better understand the customer experience. We implement cutting-edge CX technology to map the customer journey from start to completion. Our customer experience consulting service will assess your brand health and improve your customer-centricity.

Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience

Maru/edr works with top brands in many sectors, including retail, financial services, and travel and tourism. If you want to better understand how your customers interact with your brand so you can improve their experience, we can help.

We can uncover your customers’ smiles and transform your brand into a market leader for positive customer experience. Contact Maru/edr today for more details on how our CX consulting services, technology, and advanced analytics can create a winning CX strategy for your brand.

Regardless of where you are in your CX journey, we collaborate and help you navigate your CX challenges.

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