The digital marketplace presents new challenges for CX researchers, with a multitude of possible interaction points customers can have with your brand across channels. Customer journey mapping has become an essential tool to provide on-brand, high-quality, consistent experiences throughout every touchpoint.

One thing that stood out to us was that many organizations are executing CJM projects primarily through internal conversations, without any customer inputs.

We believe that infusing the actual voice of the customer into the journey mapping engagement is critical in truly understanding the journey while also mitigating gaps between internal perspectives and those of your customers.

To help organizations do this, Maru/edr has developed 3 Customer Journey Mapping Quick Start programs. Learn more about them on our website.

Overall, the conference led to many productive discussions and we are excited to help organizations “uncover their customers’ smile” and usher in the next generation of financial services customer experience!

In the spirit of collaboration, Maru/edr has created an online group to foster discussion and to enable CX leaders to connect and learn from each other. Request to join the CX Leadership Community here!