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At Maru/edr, technology is a cornerstone of the best-in-class CX programs that we put in place for our clients. We’ve built our business on helping brands use our technology to improve their end-to-end customer research program through enhanced real-time insights, actionability, efficiency, and quality.

Our Maru/edr HUB Suite is a fully online, cloud-based reporting platform that empowers CX managers to integrate and synthesize relevant data and disseminate results across the organization while retaining the ability to go deeper when required.

This cutting-edge CX technology integrates attitudinal and behavioral data to provide understanding directly to different levels and types of stakeholders. This ensures that our clients are utilizing the very latest feedback and insight technology and tools to deliver a dynamic and robust Customer Experience Management program for their business. We never stand still. Our continuous investment in new customer experience technology means that we constantly enhance our platform to drive better solutions for our clients.

Omni-Channel Survey

Omni-Channel Survey

Listen to your customers at the moments that matter in a dynamic and engaging manner. HUB Surveys flexible and optimized for a range of touch points will help you reach out and listen to your customers. And because your Voice of the Customer program is an extension of your brand, each survey is designed and tailored around your exact needs in terms of look and feel and survey content.


  • Multi-lingual surveys

  • Forums and video capture: Explore and understand the reasoning and motivations behind customers’ experiences and behavior with a range of digital qualitative methods – including forums, net chats and video feedback.

  • Text & SMS Delivery

Data Integration

Data Integration

Fuse data with feedback for the whole picture. HUB Feed Manager integrates Voice of the Customer responses with any kind of data – from social media to employee engagement to sales figures – swiftly and securely. HUB can handle a range of complex integration processes –all in real-time. Bring feedback and big data together – from store-level data to website analytics to customer information – to drive informed decisions based on the moments that matter to your customers. Integrated results are available to view in real-time, including our personalized dashboards.


  • Use our intelligent sampling customer experience technology to automatically detect when, where and how to gather feedback from your customers across multiple journeys.

  • Automate sample file transfer, cleaning, and processing of files and deployment for efficiency and quality

  • Automate the loading and updates of organizational structures, user types, and user access

  • Integrate data from a variety of sources included sample information, CRM or other database information, employee survey data or data from other surveys

Closed-Loop Feedback

Closed-Loop Feedback

A critical component of any CEM program is the empowerment of staff to take action. HUB CustomerConnect is a robust closed-loop feedback module that provides information and the ability to manage that process in a seamless and easy to use manner.

Automatically detect unhappy customers and send complaints to the right person in the right way in your business to take action. Our closed-loop tool can be integrated with a range of solutions – from Voice of the Customer surveys to site feedback buttons and text analytics data.


  • Create custom rules to identify poor or negative feedback based on quantitative or qualitative data

  • Alert and route customer information, both survey and database, to the appropriate user

  • Manage the full closed-loop process, including contacting the customer directly from the system, notes, changing status, escalation, and gesture management

  • Access consolidated reporting including trending and tracking metrics around the closed-loop process such as number, type, how long to resolve, etc.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics

Turn the unstructured Voice of the Customer into action and act on unsolicited feedback with HUB Text Analytics.

Our text analytics CX technology tool takes all the hard work out of verbatim analysis and allows you to understand and share what your customers want and need and how they feel about a range of topics or issues.


  • Classification of textual data into defined categories via tailored rules defined by research team

  • Real-time categorization of open-ended data and ability to trend those categories

  • Sentiment analysis with ability to score each comment on a 5-point sentiment scale

  • Segmenting & filtering-enabled reporting

  • Categories can be determined dynamically or based on pre-agreed criteria

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Getting the right data to the right people at the right time is key to keeping your brand ahead of the competition. HUB Dashboard allows you to spread the story behind the Voice of your Customers quickly and effectively with your personalized, engaging and real-time dashboard tailored to every level of your business.

Live online dashboards are tailored to users’ needs with customized views by user role, line of business, etc., and identified using sample, database, or survey fields.

The dashboard can also serve as a survey hub for studies across the business and report on scores in aggregate or individually, as per your needs.


  • Real time Results

  • Tailored for each engagement

  • Filters to drill down and slice and dice data

  • Mobile-optimized for tablets and smartphones

  • Visually engaging with many options for charts, graphs and drill-throughs

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