CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers.

As a team that lives and breathes CX in everything that we do, both in and out of the office, our Maru/edr employees got together to pen some personal stories about positive, loyalty-building customer experiences that we’ve had in the past few months.

Here are some of the recent experiences that have unlocked our smiles:

Julia: On a trip to #traderjoes, I hopped on a long checkout line and realized I forgot 3 items. A TJs employee offered to run around the store and get them, saving me time! #CXDay

Lindsay: A week before a ski trip, I stopped by @REI to buy lift tickets. An employee offered to help fix my ski boots that I had bought elsewhere. For free! Great service! #CX Day

Jill: I bought a beautiful cabinet at @homegoods. Once home, I found damage on one side. The store manager took 40% off and gave me free furniture repair markers!  #CXDay

Ted: After contacting them about missing ingredients, @blueapron not only credited me for the missing ingredients, but also for the entire order. I’m happy. #CXDay

Matt: @cvspharmacy was incredibly helpful this morning by suggesting that I split my order in two parts to use a coupon, rather than waiting for my next trip to CVS. #CXDay

To us, customer experience is not just a buzzword. It’s a journey, a discovery, a differentiator and a smile on your customer’s face. That’s why we are passionate about creating differentiated customer experiences. What’s your story?