Our Holistic Approach to Customer Experience

Our solutions are built around the seamless integration of innovative & flexible technology, insightful advisory services, and analytics – based on our deep experience in helping brands improve the way they listen to their customers and in developing action roadmaps to drive business outcomes.

Maru/edr Delivers Tangible CX Experience Results

Our holistic approach, cultivated over decades of developing and implementing CX programs powered by our enabling technology, delivers tangible results to your entire organization in a manner that promotes action.


  • Understand the intricacies of your business and your stakeholders’ challenges to identify key metrics that will link to business outcomes
  • Assess employee satisfaction and empowerment, as well as evaluating its impact on your customers
  • Get to know who your customers are and see their full persona-picture, rather than just the data that represents them
  • Design actionable feedback instruments after an in-depth investigation into the unique interactions you have with your customers
  • Evaluate customer attitudes on not only your overall relationship with them but also specific transactional experiences that are appraised in real time
  • Put each of the above into context against key competitors and benchmarking information
  • Create quantifiable linkages between customer opinions, employee fulfillment and bottom line to boost customer behavior (such as spending, tenure, contributions, share of wallet, among others)


Boost Your Brand Health with Positive Customer Experience

The most successful brands pay close attention to their customers. Happy customers are five times as likely to recommend a brand and become a loyal, repeat customer. Building a successful CX customer experience program takes times and energy.

The Voice of the Customer

Maru/edr has the experience to work with your brand to improve your customer-centricity. In today’s online world, VoC really matters. If you are ready to give your VoC program a reboot or you need to scale up customer focus in your organization, give Maru/edr a call today.

With our expertise and innovative data analytics tools, you can engage your customers, improve your vision and clarity, and make sure all members of your organization are working towards the same goal: keeping customers happy.

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