About Maru/edr & The Maru Group

Customer experience is our focus and our passion.

As individuals, we are vocal consumers who care deeply about good customer experiences. As a brand, we focus that passion on helping you to improve your CX journey, no matter where you are.

When you partner with us, you can think of us as an extension of your team and use our expertise and our technology to help you deliver differentiated customer experiences.

We offer you the same services that the “big guys” offer…but all in one place. This means that we own our technology and that we have an in-house team of seasoned researchers who are ready and able to support your CX program.

Whether you’re seeking CX insights, consultation, or software – Maru/edr can help.

About Maru/edr & The Maru Group

As with any relationship, it’s important to get to know one another before making a commitment.

We’ll go first! Here, we will tell you a little bit about us, our family, and our team. Then, when you’re ready, you can tell us more about you!

Maru/edr is part of the MARU Group. Let’s start our story there to introduce our wonderful, blended family.

Maru isn’t one company…it’s a family of brands.

Maru Group

MARU Group was founded in 2016 by industry veteran Ged Parton. When he set out to form the Group, he had a very specific vision based on his extensive experience as a leader in the market intelligence space. His vision: “to be an international insights pioneer”.

Ged knew that to provide insight, one needs data, but that data without analysis is meaningless. He saw a widening gap between companies that focused on one side or the other and realized there were very few who could do both – and do both well.

With the backing of Primary Capital Partners LLP, a UK-based provider of private equity finance for high potential and growth companies, Ged founded MARU Group. Maru’s core area of expertise is providing fast and strategic customer feedback to corporations through a variety of technology platforms. Each brand in the portfolio has a unique offering and value proposition, but we all share the same vision.

MARU Group is a global organization with major offices in NYC, Toronto, London, Southampton (UK), Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. MARU Group is growing rapidly, with several acquisitions planned for 2017. Keep an eye on our website for the latest additions to the family!

Ged Parton CEO of Maru Group


As the first acquisition into the MARU Group, Maru/edr (formerly eDigitalResearch) couples its in-house technology with expert advisory services. At the time of acquisition, Maru/edr operated solely out of the UK HQ in Southampton. But as part of MARU Group, the Maru/edr brand has expanded, and North America welcomed a new edr division in late 2016 with HQ in NYC.

Our North American division has all the advantages of our global, well-funded parent company with the flexibility, creativity, and excitement you’d expect from a startup. This means we can support you unlike anyone else out there AND can provide you with a world-class CEM program.

We’ve built our business around helping brands use our technology, advanced analytics, and advisory services to improve their end-to-end CX program. Our best-in-class technology ensures that we reach the right customers, with the right questions, in the right way, to deliver real-time insights to stakeholders. More importantly, our team of experts helps you create differentiated customer experiences by going beyond CX measuring and monitoring.

The power of a global CX firm, the attitude of a startup.

“Asking isn’t the same as engaging, and engagement is only the beginning. Where are you in your CX journey?”

New York (HQ)


UK (European HQ)



Formerly the consulting practice of Vision Critical, Maru/matchbox is the market leader in the use of technology and insight communities to produce outcomes-focused market research.

Maru/matchbox consultants have a deep heritage in both strategic insights consulting and disruptive insights technology. They bring a unique level of expertise in delivering Insight Communities, community management, and advanced research consulting services to the company’s global client base.

Maru/matchbox has been applying new technology to push the boundaries of the customer intelligence space for over a decade. Unifying deep sector expertise with cloud-based customer insights communities, we take a results-focused, consultative approach to helping clients better understand what motivates their customers and influences their markets.

“A deep-seated belief that it takes people to understand people, and that technology enables us to scale and disseminate that understanding faster.”


New York


San Francisco

Los Angeles



Founded in 2004 and formerly a Customer Experience consultancy, Maru/Syngro is a world leading customer intelligence platform with a passion for empowering businesses to put customers at the centre of everything they do. Maru/Syngro’s omni-channel platform, Syngro Eye, offers a range of customer experience specific analytics, performance management and self-service reporting functions that can be overlaid with a businesses financial, operational or other data to identify crucial relationships and deliver winning customer experiences. Syngro Eye helps to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve strategic decision making by providing customer insight that drives profitable action. The Maru/Syngro team is also made up of CX experts who not only provide software support, but who have a deep understanding of the Customer Experience landscape.


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