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We don’t mean to brag, but we do really amazing work for our customers! Don’t just take our word for it though – we have nearly two decades of results to prove it. We also put to practice our customer experience focus on serving each client. Our tailored approach means no two projects look alike. Since 1999, we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them become more customer-centric and solve their particular customer experience challenges.

Customer Experience Success Stories

Our team would be happy to present the many sizes, shapes, and varieties of the programs they’ve supported over the years. We’ve served both B2B and B2C organizations, supported massive transformational projects and smaller ad-hoc ones, and covered nearly every industry in the marketplace. To showcase some of our more recent work, here are a few case study summaries.

British Airways Case Study

British Airways Case Study Case Study

British Airways are renowned for their fantastic customer experience but wanted an intelligent feedback mechanism that would allow continuous improvement. This meant that they needed a flexible supplier with both outstanding technical capabilities and extensive worldwide coverage.


British Airways are renowned for their fantastic customer experience. But in order to maintain such a high level of service, they needed an intelligent customer feedback mechanism for measuring customer experience that would allow them to listen to real people, interpret real events and delight customers by delivering tangible outcomes.

As an airline with a global customer base, British Airways needed a supplier who could combine smart technology and international capabilities to provide a world-class feedback system. After an extensive review period and a successful trial at the beginning of 2013, British Airways made the decision to partner with Maru/edr and our leading-edge SaaS technology to provide real-time customer feedback to help the airline continually improve.

Maru/edr Results

  • Intelligent technology provides quality customer feedback at the most appropriate stages of their journey
  • Up-to-date Maru/edr sourced insights guide weekly British Airways planning meetings
  • Full Voice of the Customer integration allows for real-time employee alerts, from ground control to cabin crew


SSP Case Study

SSP is the leading operator of food and drink outlets at travel locations worldwide. With 1,980 units in 29 countries, SSP wanted a cost-effective way of measuring their global customer experience and turned to Maru/edr to provide a flexible customer feedback solution.


SSP is the leading operator of food and beverage outlets at travel locations worldwide, operating approximately 1,980 units in 29 countries serving approximately one million customers every day.

With such a complex and diverse business, SSP was looking for a cost-effective system to handle customer feedback and capture how customers felt in the moment. They wanted the ability to report in real-time on what customers were saying, to act upon feedback if necessary and to connect with and delight their customers.

Maru/edr Results

  • Internationally implemented program, rolled out across three continents
  • Closed-loop between global office and local branch to allow for real-time actions
  • Social media insight fed back to the relevant customer service teams

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group Case Study

Lloyds Banking Group has saved over a quarter of a million pounds in just nine months following the introduction of their Maru/edr Voice of the Customer program demonstrating measurable ROI and simultaneously earning both a UK Financial Services Customer Experience and UK Customer Experience Award.


The motor finance division at Lloyds Banking Group deals with customers across seven different brands and up to 14 customer touchpoints and wanted a Voice of the Customer program that would allow them to act customer-first.

To understand the Lloyds Banking Group experience from a customer’s perspective, they needed a program that would provide a multi-brand, multi-touchpoint view where results are shared with the right people at the right time and in the right format – not just with a senior few.

Maru/edr Results

  • Acting customer-first through several work streams created to improve customer experience
  • Significant cost-saving in customer resolution
  • Instant identification and recovery of dissatisfied customers through complaint management process

Fat Face

Fat Face Case Study

Born 25 years ago, Fat Face is one of the UK’s leading lifestyle retailers. Currently operating over 200 stores and a multichannel web presence, Fat Face serves over 100,000 customers every week. But with an extensive store roll-out planned for the months ahead, Fat Face wanted a way to connect with their customers to identify areas of improvement. For that, they needed a flexible multichannel feedback system.


Fat Face is one of the UK’s leading lifestyle retailers, operating across a number of leading customer touchpoints. Fat Face currently has over 200 stores up and down the country, serving over 100,000 customers every week. However, with an extensive new store roll-out and refits of existing stores planned for the future, Fat Face wanted a way of connecting with their customers.

As market leaders in the lifestyle clothing and accessories field, Fat Face wanted an innovative, world-class program to cement the Voice of the Customer to the heart of their business. With a growing number of online and mobile customers, Fat Face also wanted a means of gathering feedback across digital touchpoints to ensure that their entire multichannel customer experience is the very best it can be. They needed a flexible multichannel feedback system.

Maru/edr Results

  • A complete understanding of store performance through individually tailored real-time dashboards
  • Forming better connections with customers through ongoing feedback and utilization of key touch points
  • Fundamental changes to staff engagement including the introduction of the ‘Famous for Service’ awards

British Gas

British Gas Case Study

At British Gas, insight is now a ‘way of work’. With the right tools and processes in place, key decision- makers are able to do the right things for both the business and its customers and have already identified improvements that will ultimately save British Gas millions of pounds – as well as earning recognition at the UK Customer Experience Awards for their return on a great customer experience.


British Gas has faced a number of unique challenges in recent years – not least the introduction of several new suppliers into the marketplace. Growing a business in an increasingly competitive marketplace meant British Gas needed to reset its mission and establish a new company-wide business strategy to become the best supplier for customer service.

But in order to achieve their vision, British Gas needed an effective way of measuring customer experiences and identifying areas for improvement. Following the introduction of a Maru/edr enterprise-wide customer experience insight program in 2014, business decisions are now made with confidence, helping British Gas make strides towards their newly formed business strategy.

Maru/edr Results

  • Industry recognition for improved customer experience following four-to-one return on investment
  • Identified a multi million-pound cost-to-serve saving benefit
  • Putting customers at the heart of delivering a smooth-running customer experience by acting on clear insight

The Telegraph

The Telegraph Case Study

The Telegraph is one of the UK’s leading newspapers, with 480,000 readers every week. But with an increasingly diversified media landscape, The Telegraph wanted a means of engaging with its readers on a regular basis and opening up channels of two-way dialogue to better understand how to build a successful, multichannel news offering.


As one of the UK’s leading newspapers, The Telegraph wanted a way to better connect and engage with their readers in an increasingly diversified media landscape. They wanted the ability to speak candidly to readers in a trusted and engaging environment to better understand how they could deliver an exceptional multichannel news experience.

A tailored readership panel was the ideal platform for The Telegraph to open up a two-way dialogue with readers. They needed a research partner with both the technical capabilities and insight credentials to design, manage and grow a highly engaging insight panel.

Maru/edr Results

  • Professional management of over 500 surveys, 450,000 forum posts and 15,000 individual topics
  • A bespoke readership panel grown to over 480,000 readers
  • Clear insight, available to UK advertisers, demonstrates value and ROI of their Telegraph partnership

Channel 4

Channel 4 Case Study

Channel 4 is like no other broadcaster thanks to its mix of public and commercial funding. Channel 4 wanted a way of listening to what their audiences had to say in a trusted and engaging forum – an insight panel with the ability to fuse responses with external data was the perfect solution.


Channel 4 is like no other broadcaster – although it is largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned. Every Channel 4 viewer has a voice, and every Channel 4 viewer deserves to be heard. Channel 4 wanted a way to listen to what their audiences had to say, posing questions to them in a forum that they trust and ultimately bring the voice of the Channel 4 viewer closer to the heart of the business to effectively aid decision-making.

A Maru/edr insight panel was the perfect platform to allow Channel 4 to do exactly that. The broadcaster’s panel fuses feedback with behavioral data providing robust insight into all areas of the business to support key business decisions.

Maru/edr Results

  • Feedback fused with behavioral data fundamentally changed the decision-making process at the broadcaster
  • Results directly influencing program development decisions and on-demand services
  • Voice of the Viewer firmly at the heart of the business
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