Digital Travel Review 2017

Delivering a winning digital experience

This year, twenty-five percent of UK consumers are looking to spend more on their holidays. It signals a positive start to 2017 for the travel industry.

As it currently stands, over three quarters of travel plans are booked online. It means that the opportunity is ripe for those travel brands willing to invest in a winning digital experience.

Maru/edr have been benchmarking the online travel space since 2009. By benchmarking the top global travel brands, we can identify the building blocks of a leading travel site and quantify best practice.

But online travel is a growing market. New entrants and disrupters are offering consumers more choice than ever before.

As competition in the industry grows, our latest report shares the fundemental factors behind a leading digital experience and identifies how best to replicate best practice.

Download Maru/edr’s latest Digital Travel Experience report to understand what it takes to deliver a leading digital customer experience in 2017.

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