Uncovering the emotional response to the UK’s biggest grocers

What emotions are driving our supermarket choices?

Tesco and Sainsbury’s drive vastly different emotional decisions, despite rational research placing the two brands at a similar position on the market spectrum.

Standard research techniques uncovered that consumers believe both supermarkets ‘nurture’ their customers and both are rated highly for their wide product range and stock availability.

But what rational research isn’t telling you is the non-concious reason behind our supermarket choices – if both brands offer the same, then why do so many of us choose to shop at one or the other?

Download Maru/edr’s latest insight report and unlock the emotional decisions behind our supermarket choices using Emotional Positioning System™ Research – the world’s first fully digital, visual semiotics tool.

What is Emotional Positioning System?

Uncovering the non-conscious decision-making process of consumers has traditionally been costly and timely. But with the world’s first digital visual semiotics tool, brands can now uncover the emotional drivers behind decisions faster and more effectively than ever before.

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