How to achieve success in online retail

Customer effort is not the be all and end all of online experiences.

Instead, ease and effort are just part of the puzzle to achieving success at the front end of online retail.

Four factors of online retail: ease, service, product and fulfillment

Maru/edr’s research-on-research has shown that to capitalise on growth opportunities, retailers must deliver a positive experience across four key dimensions; ease, product, service and fulfillment.

Online is accounting for an increasing share of UK retail sales, with the ONS* recording a ten percent value growth in the twelve month leading up to April 2016. Getting your online experience right has never been so important.

Retailers continue to invest in digital touchpoints – sixty-nine percent of retailers planned to invest in their site last year according to TLT’s Retail Growth Strategies report – yet less than one in five users currently rate their experience highly across all four of the factors.

This unique and definitive piece of research-on-research analysed over 1.2 million data points to establish and quantify the essential four factors that contribute to a positive customer experience at the front end of the online customer journey.

Download Maru/edr’s latest report to understand How to achieve success in online retail

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