2017 has been an interesting year for airlines. In the aftermath of numerous mergers and intense consolidation of the industry, what limited competition North American air carriers face seems to be largely driven by pricing structures.

In the current state, strategic focus on the passenger experience appears to have taken a backseat. Thanks to social media, stories of negative experiences (and sometimes downright customer abuse) have been widely circulated. Most notoriously, an April 2017 video of a passenger being forcibly dragged from a United Airlines flight seems to be the spark that ignited an enormous debate about the varying levels of customer experience (CX) that air carriers provide across North America.

Maru/edr reviewed thousands of tweets related to airlines in September, and it became apparent that all airlines have their season to shine and also their season to disappoint. Using our text and sentiment analysis tools we categorized and analyzed customer tweets in the following three primary areas of comments:

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